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We thought that you would like to hear from a few of our satisfied patients. Following is a sampling of testimonials from patients that have been treated at Premier Foot Specialists, LLC. Prospective patients often love to hear the experiences of those who have gone on before them. This oftentimes helps ease their anxiety about medical and/or surgical treatments. We hope this site proves helpful to you.

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"Two years ago, I was living in another city and had decided explore the possibility of having my bunions removed by another doctor. With my previous doctor, I never felt comfortable or safe enough to have the surgery, so I postponed having it. I was still experiencing terrible pain on both of my feet to the point I didn't want to wear shoes, EVER. On February 2002, I became a patient of Dr. Dunham's. With my x-rays, he discovered I had more problems than just bunions. He diagnosed two bunions, two tailor bunions and four hammertoes. I was very surprised as well as disappointed that my other doctor never discovered these problems. He and his staff are very professional and made me feel very secure about the surgery, so I opted to have it.

After the surgery, Dr. Dunham and his staff were very flexible and were always available if I had any problems. A few months later, I had an allergic reaction to the sutures and formed a lot of scare tissue because I have extremely sensitive skin. This type of reaction could not have been foreseen. Immediately, Dr. Dunham performed treatments to remove the scare tissue with much success. He is very easy to talk too and was very patient with me (and my boyfriend); always willing to answer any questions my boyfriend or I had. I purchased orthotics to help keep my bones in place because of my foot is very flexible. This was part of the reason why I developed bunions initially.

I have referred all of my friends to Dr. Dunham and some of them have become his patients. I am very proud to say that I have "Happy Feet". Thanks Dr. Dunham!

Ms. Rici Rawls
Staffing Specialist
New Orleans, Louisiana

Dr. Denardo Dunham started out as my mother's doctor and it is because of his quality of care, that I too decided to become a patient of Dr. Dunham. On my first visit for a fractured fifth metatarsal, plainly a broken bone in my right foot, the friendly staff gave me a warm reception. Through skilled hands, compassion, and time, I was able to return to work in a timely manner and also wear my "cute shoes" again without any discomfort.

Over the years, my foot problems have gotten progressively worst. I've always received informative explanations on the causes and treatments of my foot disorders from Dr. Dunham and his staff. I was made aware of all practical treatments and thoroughly explored all of the non-surgical options for my conditions (which offered only temporary relief). After numerous discussions with Dr. Dunham, I to elected foot surgery for a more permanent solution. Although I felt comfortable with Dr. Dunham's expertise, my fear of surgery still left me hesitant to undergo the procedures and after some contemplation, I decided to entrust my feet in him. Although I decided to have the surgery, I still had some apprehensions about the surgical process. It was during my pre-operative meeting with Dr. Dunham, that he eased my fears. On the morning of my surgery Dr. Dunham and his professional team were very warm and reassuring. The surgery went well. Post-operative care is ongoing, but I am very pleased with the results of the surgery. I highly recommend the doctors at Premier Foot Specialists to everyone considering podiatric care.

Rest assure that the physicians at Premier Foot Specialists are there for you. This is why I have entrusted my "feet in their hands." At Premier Foot Specialists, I'm not just a patient, but also a part of their family.

Christy Morgan, MBA
Slidell, Lousiana


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