pic_orthotics.gifPremier Foot Specialists, LLC dispenses Custom Orthotics, also known as Prescription Foot Orthoses. Orthotics are custom-fit shoe inserts that alleviate all types of foot pain and ailments including excessive pronation (collapsing of the arch), flat feet, heel pain, bunions, callouses, hammer toes, corns, as well as knee, hip, and back pain.

pic_r_orthotics2.gifThere are three types of orthotics that are typically prescribed to patients. These are based on the physical need. Premier Foot Specialists offers Rigid, Semi-Rigid, and Flexible orthotics. Rigid Orthotics offer the ultimate in functional control, excellent for growing children as well as patients suffering from foot, leg, and back pain, leg length differences and foot abnormalities. Semi-Rigid orthotics offer shock absorption and are recommended for sports enthusiasts who are highly susceptible to foot and ankle injuries and ailments, including plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and repetitive ankle sprains. Excessive stress and strain on the muscles and bones of the foot can exasperate the most minor biomechanical faults and aggravate minor foot deformities. The amount of pressure your body absorbs when sprinting may be up to eight times your body weight. Flexible orthotics maximize shock absorption for patients who no longer have the protective fat pad cushioning on the soles of their feet, resulting in painful pressure areas and foot ulcerations. These ulcerations are particularly common in patients who suffer with Diabetes and Peripheral Arterial Disease. Flexible orthotics are recommended for senior citizens, arthritic patients, diabetics, patients with arterial disease, and those patients with severely deformed feet and who have a difficult time moving about in shoes.

Orthotics come in different thicknesses and for those of you who wear dress shoes or want to be fashionable we've got you covered! Fashion doesn't have to be painful. Dress Shoe orthotics are available. Now you can wear your most stylish footwear and still have the support and comfort you need. High heels, pumps, and fashion flats can be apart of your wardrobe again. Orthotics are just one cast away. Call for an appointment for your foot evaluation. Once a custom-mold of your foot is made, your orthotics are dispensed within two weeks.


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