Footwear Program

Medicare Diabetic Shoe Program

Do you or someone you know have diabetes? If you are a diabetic, you may be at risk of developing serious foot ulcerations and infections that can often lead to amputation. Oftentimes these amputations can be prevented with proper foot evaluations and footwear. Medicare has recognized the benefit of preventive foot care. If you are a diabetic and covered by Medicare, you may be eligible for one pair of high quality shoes and three pairs of protective shoe inserts each calendar year through Medicare's Therapeutic Shoe Program. If you qualify for these important products and have supplemental insurance, the balance may be covered resulting in no out-of-pocket cost to you. This program was designed by Medicare in an attempt to prevent many of the foot problems that can develop particularly in diabetics who wear "ill-fitting shoes." Premier Foot Specialists, LLC is an authorized provider with the Therapeutic Shoe Program administered through Medicare and is qualified to fit, order and dispense shoes for your foot type. Contact our office to schedule a foot examine today so we may evaluate your eligibility for this important benefit.

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